(The Farm Stay )
39th km, Kodai-Munnar road, Poondi village, Kodaikanal Taluk
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Ampthill farm stay
Guest Book

Jobin George, Bobby, Jayan SR, Parvesh Shah, Babu George

Posted Date : 25.03 12
Dear Babu
No words to describe this weekend experience Fantastic place nicest food

Thank you for everything

Prady /Mahesh/Vikash,

Posted Date : 27.02.12
Amazing once again night skies, candle light & Bonfire Can’t forget great food!! Thank Gunashaker for that. See you all soon.

Ajay & team - IBM
Posted Date : 01.01.12
What a place to start the year, words can’t describe it.

Shabu, prashanth, Unni & Shanthi.
Had a great time as usual.

Rajyashree Bandodkar

Posted Date :
25th October 2011
Fantastic day out in the land of heavens!

Saji, Manoj, Bala & Sridhar

Posted Date :
01st August 2011
10th time- that says it all.

Soumya Acharya

To all at Ampthill,
Had a lovely time, good place. Cheers!!!

Sebastian optiz With Leonard, Pradeep & Bjorn

Dear Babu,
Once again he greatly enjoyed being in Poondi and we certainly of “free spirit”. I love how this place never stops surprising me with new features and gimmicks! The first time, last, August , the place was covered with all sorts of different sorts of the most colourful flowers. Last time, in January, I was lucky to see a night sky with billions and billions of stars, and this time we were greeted by fireflies which I eventually captured with my camera.
Whether it be stars, flowers, fireflies, full moon, new moon, sunshine or rain- Poondi always is an amazing place to be! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Mr and Mrs. M Netto

Posted Date : 29.6.11
Babu, Sunil and Staff,
WE had a very memorable time at your place. We’re a family of three adults and two kids. The staff were very kind and willing to please you in many ways. As for sunil he is very hard working and the best to have in such a homestay. It was a homestay where we enjoyed every moment of our stay.

Thank You,
Mr and Mrs. M Netto
Rachel and Kevin
Mrs L Netto

Ritam, Ira, Zenas, ALeysha and Rando

Posted Date: 14.05.11
To all,
A wonderful find that we chanced upon, beautiful surroundings, clean rooms, fully equipped kitchen! We couldn’t ask for much more... Thank you!

Lakshmi & Rohaan.

Dear Babu,
This holiday has been by far one of my most memorable ones. The hospitality extended to us is par excellence. Your team and you have put in enormous efforts to ensure that we were well taken care of. The trek to the lake was simply incredible since we got a chance to lap up the scenic beauty around us and more importantly the opportunity to appreciate the one thing we take so much for granted, ‘nature’. The whole trip was heightened by the rains and all of us including my four year old son immensely enjoyed getting drenched and being helped by Sunil and you, each time we had trouble walking and trekking. The warmth and care you have shown us made all us truly feel like a part of your family. And that spirit clearly reflected throughout.

Bhaskar O.R.

Dear Babu and team,
It’s been an unforgettable experience and impeccable hospitality. Will be missing Poondi till my next visit.


This is our second time though we preferred the food last time. We all felt recharged and mind freshing.Totally we had an exciting experience. Children enjoyed the mist. Lots of playing area. Wow! This is a place we feel like coming again and again!

Its a one of a kind place. Very quiet and tranquil. We had a great time. Food was good. Cottage is cleanly maintained. The staff are very cordial. We would like to visit more.

Dear Babu,
This is a new experience of enjoying the holidays. We forget everything in the vicinity of nature. Cottage is neatly managed and food was also tasty. Cooperation and affection from all of you was admirable. We are sure that we will tell our friends and relatives about experience staying close to nature. We hope the same cooperation from you. You can put one “swing” as additional comfort to visitors.

Albert Frey,
Point piper, Rose bay, Australia

Thanks to all yet again..........will be back again nxt year.........seems like it has become an annual pilgrimage to Ampthill

Mark Price

Dear Babu and Team,

Had a great stay in this most peaceful and natural environment. Many long walks, food was tasteful and service friendly. Will remember this stay for many years to come.

Regards and thanks,
Mark Price, Sydney, Australia

Mrs Bhagyashree P. Joglikar

A very unique experience! I would definitely like to visit sometime in the future. I am very much with Mr Cherian for his concept of a holiday and the amount of effort taken by him and his staff to make our stay as comfortable as possible.
Thank you very Much and best wishes

Zareen Imanuel Babu

Everyone was very courteous. Extremely relaxing. Keep it that way maybe introduce a separate TV/game room but not in the rooms. Fire place was the best.

Japjith, Jesse, Shri & Ram
We really had a very good time with all the facilities provided in such a setting, The food was absolutely fantastic (thanks to the effort of kennedy) and so was the service from Antony & Das. Will be back again for sure……..overall a marvellous experience.

Satya, Rajesh, Shabu,
It was a good pleasant stay for 3 days for us. Room service was very good, food very tasty……overall a different experience. Will love to come back again.

Ramona Ruzkova
Prague, Czech Republic
Thanks for such a nice time I could spend here in such a beautiful place with mother nature, so peaceful & it was a balm to my soul after 2 weeks of staying in noisy & polluted Chennai. I really enjoyed it & the food was amazing Thanks to everybody.

New shool crafts Aurobindavan,
Auroville 605101.
The guest house and the land around with herbal & flowering plants is a very beautiful place to enjoy, relax & recover health.

Ratna Srinath.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Is all I can feel. Not for the location but for the way you have created such a lovely & perfect rustic holiday spot. Well done again and we are sure to be back again & again.

Good luck!

Albert Frey.

Bon Appetite!
Being a vegetarian from France was not a problem staying here as the chef took great care & made delicious dishes with lots of care & love.
Thank you John your cooking is adding beauty to this beautiful place.

Thanks once again,
Avanti, Amirtha, Elizabeth, Rosa.
We really wish we had stayed for at least a day more. The food was yummy, the place is really beautiful & we really loved the cottage for the lovely fire place with the lovely fire & lovely evening. Thanks for the great hospitality; we are waiting to go out & tell our friends about our great weekend.
We hope to be back!

Vikram P
Bandappa developers
It’s a lovely place-we cannot forget this place.
Food, location, climate, nature, service, campfire & so on………..its so perfect.

Shabu, Prashanth, Unni & Shanthi.
Had a great time as usual & will be back again.

Esther Rudat & Andreas Opiti
Ulastering, Ecklah,
Being first time in India we never imagined to find such a nice & peaceful place in this country. Well we were wrong and we enjoyed a lot. It was a beautiful time with good talks, exchanging new ideas & enjoying the beautiful landscape and with 2 puppies. We thank our host Babu & his 1st class chef John kennedy who served us great meals, giving us the chance to get an idea of the Indian food & how great it tastes & finally we thank all the staff who took great care of us.
We for sure will come back to this beautiful place & its very nice & friendly people and will miss the hospitality we experienced for the last 4 days.

Zeni & Nithy
At the out set, the place people & the thata were excellent. I know many say that it is important for your business to give utmost hospitality. I mean obvious in your business. BUT YOU ALL ARE “BEYOND THE OBVIOUS” & way beyond.

I am bringing my parent’s, friend’s family in 3 weeks time. You gave us something which will be in our mind forever.

Kate & Amy
This is an exotic place; the landscape is so natural & beautiful. The staff took care of us very well & the food was excellent. I didn’t feel like leaving the place. Thanks to Mr cherian & his staff

Sruthi & gang
A really wonderful place. Enjoyed it fully especially the walk around the estate as well as the one to the lake. Very friendly & helpful staff, serving good tasty food. Can do with a small room having a carom table or other such activity. The directions to reach the place can be made into a sort of a map & sent to visitors through email or other means. This would be very helpful as there is nobody at junctions to ask the route.

Do nothing, relax & enjoy nature at its best.
Go trekking.
Wild life or bird watching & Vilage Visit.
Barbeque & bonfire.
And fulfillment of many more tailor made requests.
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